Spares Centre NamibiaSpares Centre Windhoek Namibia

Spares Centre (Pty) Ltd is a private owned company based in Windhoek, Namibia, that specializes in the retail of second-hand motor vehicle spares. The company started doing business in the early seventies and has grown since to  the biggest retailer of used spares in Namibia.

To date Spares Centre has stripped approximately twenty-two-thousand motor vehicles for spares. Because of the nature of our business, we strive to dismantle at least ten new wrecks every week. All vehicles which had been completely dismanteled, are pressed, and the metal is exported overseas for recycling.

We offer a limited warranty on all engines, gearboxes and differentials that we sell. All the vehicles that we dismantle are accident damaged and are obtained from insurance companies with which we are contracted.

Spares Centre provides empoloyment to almost 40 people and we comply with local safety standards and the Namibian labour law.

Sales Personnel

Hafeni Kristiaan
081 274 5791
Egnasius Kusenge
081 442 2466
Adriaan Booysen
081 148 2959
George Kahingunga
081 304 6080